Call for young geoscience reporters

Are you an enthusiastic and motivated geoscientist committed to our planet and willing to raise awareness of the geological challenges and hazards in your region and/or country? Then, this call is for you!

The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) is the largest and most prestigious geological organization in the world ( and we are searching for young amateur reporters that can represent us in outreach activities. You don’t need to have experience reporting news, with a smart phone and a desire to inform the public you can do it.

Your task:
Send short videos (max. 4 minutes) with interesting news about the impact of climate change and natural disasters in your country and/or region (in the case of natural disasters, remember that first and foremost, before reporting the news, you must help the victims).

Send short videos (max. 4 minutes) providing reports on how your country is managing under the stresses of climate change and the energy transition.

Send short videos (max. 4 minutes) where you interview relevant authorities and the public on their views of geoscience and climate change.

Send short essays (onepage written news including photos) on the above issues to be posted on our social media.

You are free to send your news in any of the above formats (video or essays). All incoming news will be verified by an IUGS panel before being published. Since IUGS is committed only to our planet and thus to a better future for mankind, we will not accept news that involve:
Sensitive topics on internal politics of any country

News containing racial, xenophobic or homophobic comments.

We will be selecting a number of young reporters per country and/or region and we will provide you with contacts with key IUGS activities as part of this process. In addition, you will receive a certificate acknowledging you as IUGS young reporter and an IUGS reporter business card. The best stories will be selected and awarded at the end of each year. If this call caught your attention write us expressing your interest and we will send you detailed information about the format to make the videos and report the news (

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