What is a new mineral? Bahariyaite (KMnO4) as a case



By Prof. Hassan Helmy

Professor of Mineralogy, Minia University, Egypt

GSAf seminar series

Date: 11 December 2020

14:00 (GMT)

15:00 Nigeria and Morocco time, 16:00 Egypt and South Africa time

Online Seminar (Google Meet)



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Hassan Helmy is an Egyptian geoscientist (mineralogist) based in Minia University, Egypt.

Dr. Helmy discovered a new mineral which is known as Bahariyaite. Helmy, has a PhD in Mineralogy and Economic Geology from Montan Üniversität, Leoben, Austria and Minia University, Egypt. He received the Georg Forster Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany. He received several of other awards. He is the Secretary of the International Commission of Ore Mineralogy. He is a Member of the Egyptian National Committee of Promotion of Geology Professors. He served the Geological Society of Africa as Vice President of North Africa.


What is a new mineral? Bahariyaite (KMnO4) as a case

Each year some new minerals are added to the known list of minerals. For a new mineral to be approved, it should full fill certain criteria and go through a long procedure. A proposal by the criteria, including geological, physical, optical, chemical and crystallographic features of the new phase has to be presented to the Commission on New Minerals, Classification and Nomenclature (CNMNC) of the International Mineralogical Association. A proposal of a new mineral Bahariyaite, with the composition (KMnO4) has been recently approved by the CNMNC. The steps of approval and criteria of the mineral will be presented. In addition the significance and importance of this discovery will be discussed.