Prof. Youssef DRIOUCH

Prof. Youssef DRIOUCH

Geology Department. Dhar El Mahraz Faculty of Sciences; Fez University.

B.P. 1796. Fez. Morocco

E-mail:, ydriouch@gmail

Phone : +212666055526 with WhatsApp

Full Professor.

Geology Department. FSDM Faculty of Sciences. Fez University. Morocco.

In charge of magmatic and metamorphic petrology courses graduate and postgraduate degrees

Member of LGRN. Laboratoire de Géodynamique et Ressources Naturelles.

GSAf Councillor. Northern Africa since 2012

GSAf Vice President. Northern Africa since November 2016

Research interests:

Cordierite-Orthoamphibole rocks.

Crustal xenoliths in granitic rocks.

Hercynian Foreland basin magmatism.

Geochemical modelling of igneous activities (Layerd intrusions, Crustal anatexis…)

Birimian Geology and associated gold deposits (SW Mali)

Qualifications:. Fez University Morocco (Thèse d’Etat). Ph.D Toulouse University France. MSc. Toulouse University.

Publications: More than 32 publications. Guest editor of a special issue of JEAS. 2011.

Research advisor: 3 PhD completed (2003, 2013 and 2015). 12 MSc completed (since 2008). 13 BSc (Ord, 3 years) completed.

Meeting organization. 3MA international colloquium: Magmatism, Metamorphism Associated Mineralizations. Held in Fez (Morocco) in May 2007.

Membership: Life member of GSAf. Member of AMST (Association Marocaine des Sciences de la Terre).

Recent publications

El Abouyi, M. Dahire, Y. DRIOUCH et al. 2018: Crustal anatexis in the Ahouli-Mibladen, granitic complex : A window into the middle crust below the Moroccan Eastern Variscan massif. Submitted.

DRIOUCH et al. (2017).  The cordierite-orthoamphibole rocks of the variscan dome Gavarnie-Gèdre-Héas: The Gedrite of Gèdre. (Hautes Pyrénées, France). Canadian Mineralogist. Vol. 55, pp. 245-281.

SALVI, SANGARE, DRIOUCH et al. 2016 : The Kalana vein-hosted gold deposit, southern Mali. Ore Geology Reviews. Volume 78, October 2016, Pages 599–605

NTARMOUCHANT et al. (DRIOUCH as co-author) 2016: New evidence of effusive and explosive volcanism in the Lower Carboniferous formations of the Moroccan Central Hercynian Massif: Geochemical data and geodynamic significance. Journal of African Earth Sciences 115 (2016) 218-233.

SANGARE, DRIOUCH et al. 2014. Géologie des minéralisations aurifères du gisement tardi-éburnéen de Kalana (Birimien, Sud-Ouest du Mali). Bulletin de l’Institut Scientifique, Rabat, Section Sciences de la Terre, 2014, n° 36, 85–108.

DRIOUCH et al. (2011). Petrogenetic implication of clinopyroxene trace element compositions of cumulate mafic rocks and basalts from the Hercynian Moroccan Central Meseta. J. Afr. Earth Sci. 56 (2-3), 97-106.


I studied Geology at Oujda University Morocco and then at Toulouse University France. My first steps as researcher were in Pyrenees Mountains.

After my PhD (1987) I joined Fez University as Assistant Professor in charge of practical’s on igneous rocks.

On 1992, I came back to Toulouse University for postdoctoral position in Petrology Labs. In 1997, I defended the Doctorat d’Etat (State doctorat) At Fez University entitled: Petrology and origin of cordierite-orthoamphibole rocks of Héas Valley (Pyrenees). Mafic rocks of hercynian Pyrenees. Petrology, evolution and geodynamic inferences.

Professor since 2001. I participated in the creation of the laboratory LGRN (Geology and Natural Resources Labs); Head the research unity: “Dynamics of the continental lithosphere and materials transfer”.

I participated in the project: Foreland Basins in Morrocan variscan orogen.

I was also member of Geology of mineral resources in Moroccan Hercynides international project, member of CNR-IGM convention (Centre national de la recherche & Instituto Geologico e Minero Portugal) and member of AMST (Moroccan Association of Earth Sciences) of MetSoc (Meteoritical Society) and GSAf (Geological Society of Africa).

On 2007, I was actively involved in the creation of the Geosciences, Mineral Resources and Geomaterials Master Formation in our University involving students coming from North and West Africa Regions.

I was also the chair of the 3MA international colloquium held in Fez in association, among others, with the geological society of Africa.

Full Professor since 2010, in charge of magmatic and metamorphic petrology courses graduate and postgraduate degrees

I was involved in projects of international cooperation (GET: Geosciences Environment Toulouse, WAXI project, Naturalis (National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, Netherlands), IAMGold corporation (Bamako Mali.), collaborations with universities in West Africa (Mauritania, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso)

3 PhD completed (2003, 2013 and 2015). 14 MSc completed (since 2008).

Many international papers on fundamental as well as applied research on igneous and metamorphic petrology and mineral resources.

Since 2012, I had the honour to represent North African Geologists as councillor of GSAf. This brings me to realize how much our continent is rich in terms of human resources as well as in promising scientific resources.

I was elected during the 26th Colloquium of African Geology, Held in Ibadan on 2016, as Vice President of GSAf for Northern Africa.