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In 2020, we have a great chance to visit and meet at the “geologist’s paradise”.

By Prof. Youssef Driouch

The next Colloquium of African Geology (CAG 28) will be held at Fez University (Morocco). best fake luxury watches

Morocco situated at NW corner of African continent is close to Europe and Middle East. Morocco is called “Geologist’s Paradise” (Géologues. SGF, n° 194. September 2017) because of: 1) the diversity of very well outcropping terranes spanning from Archean to Quaternary; 2) the location at triple junction between Africa, Atlantic Ocean and the Alpine belt system; 3) the particular topography, Toubkal is the highest non-volcanic summit in Africa; 4) All rocks types are represented. Sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic terranes in the diverse tectonic systems from sedimentary basins to metamorphic fold belts; 5) Fossils, minerals and meteorites are famous, exposed in natural museums in many countries, they attract large number of curious and specialists; and 6) natural resources are various and important. These main of them are: phosphates of late Cretaceous and early Cenozoic formations, Morocco has the largest resources and is largest producer of phosphates and derivatives; Rare metals and REE Au, Ag, Co in Proterozoic Ore deposits (Anti-Atlas) with the famous world class Imiter and Bou Azzer mines, Au, Pb, Zn, Barite et Fluospar in Paleozoic terranes. Oil and gas on and off shore explorations are currently very active with many positive indicators.

Situated in central northern Morocco. Fez is the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco. Fez hosts three universities: Al Quaraouiyine University founded in 9th century and considered these oldest university in world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records. USMBA University was founded in 1975. It comprises many faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and Economics, Arts and Humanities, engineering schools and 2 faculties of sciences and the geology departments. The third University is private Euro-Mediterranean University enclosing business, architecture, political and engineering high schools. best fake pamani watches

A strong Moroccan team is doing its best to provide a very rich and fruitful CAG28 session for all African and worldwide geologists, with friendly, professional and scientific exchanges as the main goals. More informations will be available in GSAf communication platforms. best fake replica watches

Warmest Greetings and Welcome to Fez