Crustal evolution of the Arabian-Nubian Shield: From Gneiss Domes to Transpression Belts


By Prof. Zakaria Hamimi

Prof. at Benha University in Egypt

GSAf seminar series

Date: 26 March 2021

14:00 (GMT)

15:00 Nigeria and Morocco time, 16:00 Egypt and South Africa time

Online Seminar (Google Meet)


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Zakaria Hamimi is a Tectonics and Structural Geologist, currently at Benha University in Egypt, and has worked previously at Sana’a University, Yemen (1995-1998) and King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia (2003-2013). He obtained a BSc (distinction with Honors) in 1984 at Assiut University, a M.Sc in 1988 at Zagazig University, and a Ph.D in 1992 in Structural Geology and Tectonics at Cairo University. His research focusses on the tectonic evolution of the Arabian-Nubian Shield via structural/microstructural, paleostress and strain studies, aligned with geological mapping, geomorphology and remote sensing methodologies. His research output exceeds 80 research publications in national and international journals. Besides, He co-edited four Springer’s books. Zakaria Hamimi is the president, and a founding member of the Arabian Geosciences Union, since 2012. He has been awarded the medal of the Egyptian Geological Society of Egypt in 2015, and the medal of the Arab Mining and Petroleum Association in 2016. His services to the profession include his roles as Associate Editor of the Egyptian Journal of Geology (1998-2002) and the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (2016-now); member of the Egyptian Universities Promotion Committee, Supreme Council for Universities, Egypt (2016-2019); Secretary of the National Committee for Geological Sciences, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (2016-2019), and later nominated for President of this Academic Committee in 2020; and the IUGS-Representative for Egypt in Cape Town 2016 and Thailand 2017. Crustal evolution of the Arabian-Nubian Shield: From Gneiss Domes to Transpression Belts