J. African Earth Sci.

The Journal of African Earth Sciences is affiliated to the Geological Society of Africa.

The Journal of African Earth Sciences has recently updated the journal cover and scope. The Journal of African Earth Sciences sees itself as the prime geological journal for all aspects of the Earth Sciences about the African plate. Papers dealing with peripheral areas are welcome if they demonstrate a tight link with Africa.

The Journal publishes high quality, peer-reviewed scientific papers. It is devoted primarily to research papers but short communications relating to new developments of broad interest, reviews and book reviews will also be considered. Papers must have international appeal and should present work of more regional than local significance and dealing with well identified and justified scientific questions. Specialised technical papers, analytical or exploration reports must be avoided. Papers on applied geology should preferably be linked to such core disciplines and must be addressed to a more general geoscientific audience.

A MoU between GSAf and ELSEVIER was signed on the 7th March 2013, in which Elsevier will provide an annual prize of $500 USD for the best paper published by an African Researcher in the Journal from the preceding calendar year. The recipient of the prize will be chosen by the Editors of the journal. Besides, the Journal of African Earth Sciences includes GSAf logo on its cover.

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