29th Colloquium of African Geology – 26 – 29 September 2023 | Windhoek, Namibia

CAG29 First Circular (Download the full call:  CAG29)


The Colloquium of African Geology (CAG) is a major biennial meeting, held under the auspices of the Geological Society of Africa, where earth scientist
s from around the globe have the opportunity to present their research on topics of African geology to an international forum of their peers. It also offers an opportunity to initiate, develop and implement projects which promote interaction between Academia, Industry and Society.

The 28th Colloquium of African Geology (CAG28), hosted by Morocco, it was announced that the 29th Colloquium (CAG29) would be hosted by Namibia during the final week of September 2023. The theme of the event will be:

The earth sciences and Africa’s development: current realities, future projections”

The event will be attended by senior and earlycareer earth scientists from government, associations, mineral exploration and mining companies and civil societies, as well as representatives from politics and the media are welcome. Career scientists from African countries and other developing areas are especially encouraged to regard this event as an opportunity to present their research to a wide audience, with participations from different sectors, countries, and continents. Namibia, the host country, boasts an interesting, heterogeneous geology covering some 2.6 billion years of earth history, with a wide
variety of mineral deposits and mineralization styles, that have
contributed and still contributeimmensely to the country’s economy. In addition, Namibia’s impressive geomorphic landscapes have great potential for geotourism, while the host city, Windhoek, is a culturally diverse centre of learning. Academically, the geoscientific sessions and excursions highlighted in this circular and following circulars promise to provide a deeper insight into the multifaceted geological history of the African continent.

I therefore enjoin all geoscientists globally, therefore, to start making plans to attend what will be an interesting and geologically fulfilling event, which will be held in Namibia from September 26th to 29th 2023.

Prof. Olugbenga Okunlola

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