National Anti-Corruption Conference

Last year, APSEA joined the Multi-Sectoral initiative Against Corruption, a platform that brings together various sectors including private sector, religious, civil society, women, youth, media, and professionals, has had deliberations within each of their sectors, with the intent of undertaking self-reflection sessions on the ills of corruption, and designing holistic strategies for addressing the same.
Kenya has made significant reforms that have largely driven sustained economic growth, social development and political gains over the past decade. However, its key deterrent to the actualization of its potential is the prevalence of corruption that has embedded itself within the fiber of society.
As the Professional Sector, we have held several meetings and professional bodies within the APSEA membership have carried out a self-assessment of the various forms of corruption within their profession and have outlined strategies to prevent and fight corruption in its various forms. The individual association’s reports were consolidated into the Professional Sector Anti-Corruption Report.
It is against this backdrop that the Multi-Sectoral Initiative has organized a National Anti-Corruption Conference slated to take place on the 24th & 25th of January 2019 at Bomas of Kenya from 8:00 am. The chief Guest shall be His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta.
As a Member of the Multi-Sectoral Initiative, APSEA invites you all, as Professionals to the National Anti-Corruption Conference to deliberate and amalgamate the different strategies into a grand citizen and sector-led action plan to combat corruption. Please note that there are no charges for participation.
Attendance shall only be by confirmation, by sending in your full names and phone number and 0787690529 or 0775098895 ASAP.



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